Steve Abbott  ~  Poet & Writer


Steve has produced a number of broadsides—poems and similar language art  in poster form. All are produced on art-quality paper suitable for framing. 


"Speak" is a call to awareness that encompasses everyday perceptions of the world, our varied personal relationships, social and political action, and the most mundane aspects of life. In a rich and complex series of brief meditations, it examines the power of language and the internal and external manifestations of every human voice.     12" x 20"    $15

"Border Crossing" explores the frontiers of personal relationships and the changing seasons and spaces that mark our interactions with those we love. It's a perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, or that "just because" that marks intimacy and commitment.     8.5” x 14”  $10

Using a modified form of the sonnet, "Vespers" offers a meditation on the beauty and wonder the world offers in multiple disguises. It finds a sacred connection between observation and appreciation of easily overlooked elements of daily life.    12" x 20"


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